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Joseph Darcourt began to study cello at age 10.  He was a student of John Popham at the Juilliard School from 2017-18 at age 11.  That same school year Joseph was a member of the Music Advancement Program Orchestra and the String Ensemble at Juilliard.  He spent two weeks with the Boston University Tanglewood Institute in late June 2019.  Since September 2019 he has been a student of Astrid Schween in Juilliard's pre-college program.  Joseph had his Carnegie Hall debut in 2019 at age 12.  At that time Joseph Darcourt was named the first place winner of the international American Protégé concerto and Musical Talent competitions.  He is from Long Island, New York.

Joseph Darcourt

Video of Joseph Darcourt

1. Joseph Darcourt, age 12, Carnegie Hall Debut
Prelude from Cello Suite #3, J.S. Bach

2. Joseph Darcourt
Méditation de Thaïs, by Jules Massenet

3. Joseph Darcourt
Salut D'Amour, by Edward Elgar

4. Joseph Darcourt
Arietta, by Leroy Anderson

5. Joseph Darcourt: First composition, Debut at Juilliard
"The Night Is Still", by Joseph Darcourt

6. Joseph Darcourt
M&M / Music and Meditation, "Artist As Citizen" Juilliard School Project
When Joseph was 11, he created: M&M initiative / "Thank you" - Breathing, Meditation and Classical Music.

7. Calhoun High School cellist gives back through the power of music
Long Island Herald, October 29, 2020.
A Calhoun High School freshman, Joseph Darcourt of Merrick, has used his musical talents to raise money for Long Island Cares and The Harry Chapin Food Bank.

8. VOTE 2020: Read, Think, Vote
Salut D'Amour, by Edward Elgar

9. Joseph Darcourt, cello & Takeshi Nagayasu, piano
Cello Concerto in E minor Op. 85, I; Edward Elgar

10. Joseph Darcourt, Times Square
Amazing Grace

11. Joseph Darcourt, Times Square
Bach Cello Suite No. 2, Sarabande
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